We take pride in developing new innovative products and better solutions for improving safety and salvaging of offshore vessels.



Aquabow is a salvaging system currently in development. Many of the problems with the existing solutions for salvaging vessels today are that they are very demanding and resource intensive, and as a result, access and weather issues become a great challenge. With our system we wish to create an easier and more effective way to get started and complete the salvage work. This system is meant to improve the efficiency of salvaging vessels while making the process more environmentally friendly and sustainable, as well as improving the safety of workers during the entire process.

Jan Ove Moen,

Protomore AS

Evolant has both an exciting concepts as well as a team with great implementation capacity.

Tormod Mahle, Bud & Hustad Forsikring AS

The idea is based on a solution with alot of new innovative thoughts and is a product like nothing else on the market today. We look forwad to see a possible production and to experience the effect of the system.

Asmund Sætre, Axtech AS

AXTech has been fortunate to be involved in discussing the ideas of Evolant. The youth company has proven to be very forward-thinking and innovative in how to save both large and small vessels by accident and groundings.

About Us

Our Goal

EVOLANT UB was established in 2018 with one mission: to bring innovation that will improve the efficiency in safety and rescue offshore. Our passion to help and develop is what inspired us in the beginning and it continues to drive us today. We pride ourselves in the long-term relationships we have built with our partners.  

Our Story

Evolant UB was established in 2018 by seven young adults from the Romsdal region in Norway. We all grew up on the westcoast of Norway, therefore fjords, waves and seasure has always been close to our hearts. Based on constant events happening at sea, we felt the need for innovation and development in a market characterized by unsolved issues. As an established youth company we dived into this issue with a vision of creating "Innovative solutions for the offshore industry of tomorrow".





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